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If you were confronted with a larger, stronger opponent with the full intent to cause harm to you or your loved ones, would it be smart to rely on your hand to hand fighting skills alone to subdue them? Or would it be wiser to take full advantage of tools and weapons available in your immediate environment to eliminate the threat of violence to you or your family? Do you know how to identify and use any item as a weapon?

The Weapons and Tools Workshop Series is designed to teach you how to defend yourself against larger and stronger opponents by using a variety of handheld weapons and tools. These implements can take the shape of actual weaponry or everyday household items that can be found easily within arms reach. In this workshop series you will learn the different types of weapons, their attributes, and the proper techniques to use them.

The Short Fighting Stick

In this class, you will learn how to use the short fighting stick. Also called the kubotan, yawara, pasak, or dulodulo, the short fighting stick is about 5.5 to 8 inches in length and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It can be as simple as a blunted short stick or it may be shaped to a conical point on one or both ends. It is a small tool and can be carried almost anywhere as part of a keychain. There are few to no legal restrictions on this weapon type, and other household items like pens, brushes, flashlights, and phones can be used in its place to similar efficacy. But do not let its small size fool you. It can readily be used to pommel, restrain, and maim an unsuspecting attacker with relative ease. It doesn't take a lot of strength to be effective with this weapon, you only need to learn its techniques.

All participants will be given a high quality, aircraft aluminum self defense stick to practice with and take home.

Please register before February 14th, so that we can provide the proper number of self defense sticks.

What to bring:
- Wear loose, comfortable, athletic clothing and shoes
- Knee Pads
- Elbow Pads, Eye Safety Glasses, and Mouth Guards are recommended but optional
- Towel
- Water
- A healthy attitude that is willing to work out, have fun, and make new friends while learning effective martial techniques!

Location: ZWA Studio, 19540 Clay Rd. #G, Katy TX 77449 (You may park in the KinderCare lot too)
Date: February 22nd, 2014
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM


The Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy is hosting a Combat Elements: Self Defense Basics Workshop! Take the workshop or recommend it to a loved one...

- Learn to defend yourself against criminal assault
- Simple and easy to learn
- No-nonsense techniques that are basic, effective, and practical 
- Become stronger and healthier
- Gain more confidence
- Train in a safe and fun environment

All complete martial systems contain four basic Combat Elements. In Kungfu, these are known as: Ti (kicking), Da (striking), Shuai (grappling, wrestling, and throwing), and Na (seizing and controlling). The Taiji Kungfu Academy self defense curriculum is a logical and practical program that teaches the Combat Elements by introducing students to basic techniques, exercises, and drills. These drills then form the building blocks for increasingly advanced martial arts training that encompasses hand to hand and weapons combat. From the first lesson, students will learn techniques and concepts that they can immediately adapt to their needs.

- Bag gloves or MMA gloves
- Bring water and a small towel
- The classes will be outdoors, so bring mosquito repellent
- Athletic clothing and shoes. Shorts are okay, pants are preferred. This is a physical workshop with controlled contact, so be prepared to work out!

Bear Creek Park, 3503 War Memorial Dr, Houston, TX (MAP)

Under the large awning at the War Memorial. This is right off of the intersection at War Memorial Dr and Eldridge Dr. Please contact us if you need directions or more information:


Tuition: $40 ($25 for Taiji Kungfu Academy students)

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current student tai chi houston workshop pic

- Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your purpose?
- Are you curious about reincarnation? Who were you in a past life?
- Have you wanted to know more about soul mates?
- Do you have unexplained phobias, aches, and pains that may be recurring from repressed karma?
- Do you want to connect with your spirit guides and angels?

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy utilizes guided meditation techniques to aid in healing disharmony and illness in the mind and body. Psychiatrists, therapists, and social workers have harnessed PLR therapy in clinical situations where all other typical therapies have failed or faltered. It is also intensively used in spiritual pursuits of truth and understanding. Often, along with experiencing an actual past life, clients have also had encounters with ancestors, guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed over, gaining reassurance, knowledge, and ultimately, healing.

PLR Therapy is based on reincarnation, the understanding that after physical death the immortal soul, is born again into a new life in a new body. This concept is a central precept of many ancient wisdom traditions throughout the globe. However, you do not have to believe in reincarnation in order to benefit from PLR therapy. The experiences can very easily be understood as symbolic visions manufactured by the mind to creatively deal with a client’s pressing issues. Likewise, you do not have to be suffering from any illnesses to enjoy the benefits of a PLR session, as well. All PLR clients find positive experiences and healing in their sessions.

Be sure to bring your own pillows, cushions, and/or blankets to the workshop as you will need to be as comfortable as possible.

Day/Time: Saturday, September 28th / 2:00-5:00PM
Location: Jade Garden Classical Chinese Medicine, 427 West 20th St #710, Houston, TX 77008 (MAP)
Registration: $50 online, $70 at the door

Space is limited, so please register quickly!

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Cutting It Close: Using the Machete or Dan Dao in Close Quarters Combat

Explore bladed fighting techniques and drills with Sifu Blue Siytangco. In this class you will be taught attack and defense reaction skills and applications that can be directly applied to bladed weapons as well as hand to hand combat. With this training you will learn how to develop greater awareness for self defense on the streets as well as gain more insight into ancient battlefield combat.

Time: 8:30-9:50AM
Location: Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel - 2900 Briarpark Dr, Houston, TX 77042
CLICK HERE for registration information