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Blue Siytangco Tai Chi Past Life Regression Reiki Chen Village ImageChen Style Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) is a complete body - mind - spirit martial art that develops overall strength, flexibility, endurance, and mindful awareness. Master Blue Siytangco's curriculum provides professional instruction at various levels to fulfill the training needs of his students. Along with enhancing total health and wellness with qigong, internal energetic development, and meditation, the participant will boost their athletic performance through vigorous kungfu workouts. Students are also given the option of participating in national and international tournaments to test their mettle in forms, weapons, push hands, and sparring events. The efficacy of this martial art and self defense system has been proven for centuries on the battlefields of the Ming dynasty, security details for rich merchants, and in defense of the home and loved ones. Chen Style Taijiquan was necessary for survival in ancient China and now, in our modern world, it is an even more important tool to enhance our quality of living.

Three Levels of Training

Proper training in Tai Chi Chuan (also Taijiquan) can be divided into three basic categories: basic training (jibengong), forms training (tao lu), and applications training (tuishou, qinna, shuai, sanda). Basic training includes warm ups, calisthenics, conditioning, stance training, silk reeling (chansijing), meditation, and Qigong. Qigong is an ancient practice for cultivating and balancing "qi" (intrinsic life energy) in the body. Through simple movements, breathing and visualization exercises, participants increase mindfulness, awareness, and qi flow in the body, resulting in better health and vitality. Forms are traditionally choreographed sets of movement that are designed to exercise the martial applications, body dynamics, advanced body conditioning, internal energetics, and mental discipline that is inherent in Chen Style Taijiquan. In forms training students learn barehand forms and weapons forms as they are practiced in the village of Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan. In applications training, the student learns how to directly use all the skills of Chen Style Taijiquan in martial situations. There are many training methodologies including sparring and push hands(tuishou) but the purpose is to train the four basic combat applications of kicking (ti); striking (da); grappling, wrestling, throwing(shuai); and controlling (na) within Tai Chi principles. To have a complete taiji in a nutshell tai chi houstonknowledge of Chen StyleTaijiquan it is imperative to train in all of these areas as befits the student's age group and abilities.

The Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy offers tai chi classes in Houston and the Bear Creek / Copperfield / Cypress area of farWest Houston.


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